E-learning VXintegrity


Approximately 17 hours of asynchronous online training (e-learning format).
Certification is not included. A 2-hour live session with an application engineer can be purchased separately to obtain the training certificate.
Available language: english
Notes: Access is limited to 4 users per purchase.


At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

-Understand the purpose of each piece of hardware.
-Connect, Calibrate and Configure the device.
-Understand the scanning workflow and operating principles of the hardware.
-Perform quality scans using Creaform’s scanners and VXintegrity acquisition module.
-Navigate the Aerospace and Surface Damage interface and typical workflows.
-Understand Pipeline's workflow interface.
-Understand and master the scan specificities in Pipeline.
-Understand different parameters' roles and their implications for analysis results.
-Master pit gauge and free-form analysis and export the related report.
-Master corrosion, mechanical damage and wrinkle analysis and troubleshooting.
-Understand the basics of Classic mode.
-Apply an efficient workflow for the application.
-Demonstrate technical expertise to ensure equipment is used as advised.