E-Learning Pipecheck


Approximately 15 hours of asynchronous online training (e-learning format). Certification is not included. A 2-hour live session with an application engineer can be purchased separately to obtain the training certificate.
Available language: english

This course aims to present the theory associated to the Go!SCAN 3D and Pipecheck software of Creaform. This online training course combines theory, hands-on and follow-up to maximize knowledge transfer. The idea behind the online training approach is to ensure customers get the most out of their technologies and maximize their experience. It also allows the user to proceed at their own pace.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

-Perform quality scans using Creaform Go!SCAN SPARK or HandySCAN system in Pipecheck
-Go through a full Pipecheck Analysis workflow without help
-Demonstrate technical expertise to ensure equipment is used advisedly
-Perform a full Corrosion and Dent analysis correctly

Notes: Access is limited to 4 users per purchase.